•  Master’s Degree  Pure Mathematics

       Compulsory CourseClass HourCredit
    1Functional Analysis (I)483
    2Algebraic Topology (I)483
    3Abstract algebra483
    4Differential Geometry483
    5Elementary of measure theory and probability483
    6Real and Complex analysis483
    7Partial differential equations483
    8Theory of Lie Groups483
    9Functional Analysis(II)483
    10Algebraic Topology(II)483
    11Representation Theory of Lie Groups and Lie Algebras483
    12Topological Vector Spaces483
    13Riemannian Geometry483
    14Ordinary Differential Equations483
    15Dynamical Systems483
    16Descriptive Set Theory483
    17General Topology483
    18Computational Harmonic Analysis483
    19Commutative algebra483
    20Geometric analysis483
    21Nonlinear Functional Analysis483
       Elective CourseClass HourCredit
    1Homological Algebra483
    2Generalized homology theory483
    3Foundations of Fourier Analysis483
    4Differrential geometry, Lie groups and Homogeneous spaces483
    5Representation Theory of Reductive Lie Groups483
    6Symmetric spaces483
    7Finsler Geometry483
    8Index theory for Hamiltonian systems483
    9Symplectic Geometry and Symplectic Topology483
    10Symplectic Geometry and Complex Geometry483
    11Lattice Dynamical Systems483
    12Variational Methods483
    13Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics483
    14Nonlinear Analysis I483
    15Critical  Point Theory and its Applications483
    16Borel equivalence relations483
    17Banach Space and Descriptive Set Theory483
    18Effective Descriptive Set Theory483
    19Combinatorial Commutative Algebra483
    20Toric topology483
    21Singular Integral Operators483
    22Differential Topology483
    23Fibre Bundles483
    24Algebraic Topology483
    25Homotopy Theory483
    26Stable homotopy groups of spheres483
    27Lie Algebras483
    28Lie Superalgebras483
    29Polish groups and Polish group actions483
    30Rational Homotopy Theory483
    31Differential Dynamical Systems483
    32Dynamical Systems and its Applications483
    33Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations483
    34Elliptic Partial Differential Equations483
    35Applied Partial Differential Equations483