• Undergraduate Program Overview.

    Our undergraduate program is one of the most competitive undergraduate programs in Chinese Mathematical schools. About 180 excellent high school students are recruited primarily on the basis of their performance in the National Entrance Exam. Meanwhile, international students are enrolled each year.

    The length of a full-time undergraduate program is 4 academic years. In the first two year, students study intensively in mathematics, English and other basic courses. By the end of the second year, students choose their major from mathematics and applied mathematics, information and computation science, and statistics. 

    We have a national basic science research and teaching talent training base, formerly known as Mathematics Pilot Class, which was established by Mr. Shiing-Shen Chern in 1986 to train basic mathematical talent. In 2009, Boling Class was established to train top students in mathematics. Since 2014, Mathematics Pilot class and Boling Class were merged into one class named Boling Class.

    Admission for International Students

    School of Mathematical Sciences welcomes international students to apply for its undergraduate programs. You are required to complete the curriculum within 4 years and fulfill the designated credits to receive a graduation certificate along with a bachelor's degree.

    For more admission information, please visit the web of Nankai International Student. Office .http://international.nankai.edu.cn/web_E/Pages_lxk/MInfoList_Page.aspx?NCode=e_bkszsjz&PNCode=e_zsxx