• The Department of Mathematics of Nankai is the predecessor of the School of Mathematical Sciences (hereinafter named SMS). The Department was founded in 1920 by Mr Jiang Lifu, who was the earliest and most successful pioneers in the field of modern mathematics. It was also the second Department of Mathematics (the Arithmetic Department) at that time in China. During the past 90 years, it has seen remarkable performances in teaching, research and talents cultivation, in which Shiing-Shen Chern, Jiang Zehan are the excellent representatives. SMS was founded in 1997. Now, SMS, Chern Institute and Combinatorial Mathematics Center, have altogether contributed to the Nankai Mathematics. Thanks tothe painstaking efforts of several generations, Nankai Mathematics has become one of the important Mathematics center at home and abroad.


    Nankai Mathematics, the first-level discipline, was rated as the national key discipline in 2007 and the national Double First-Class key discipline in 2017. In the second-level discipline, there are 6 under the first. They are Pure Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Economics and Bioinformatics. All of them are engaged in graduate student cultivation. Among them, Pure Mathematics and Probability Theory, being the traditional dominant disciplines, were rated as the national key discipline as well as the Mathematical Statistics. For SMS, it hasPhD programs in the first-level and also has established post-doctoral research stations.


    SMS currently has eight teaching and research institutions: Department of Mathematics, Department of Information and Data Science, Department of Probability and Statistics, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Science and Engineering Computing, Department of Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science, Department of Advanced Mathematics, and Computing Laboratory. In addition, SMS has a key laboratory named core mathematics and combination mathematics, assessed by the Ministry of Education.