A scientific and technological cooperation and exchange between School of Mathematical Sciences and Geophysical Exploration Research Institute of the China Oilfield Services Limited

Release:2023-03-03 Viewed:12

On March 1, a scientific and technological cooperation meeting combining scientific theory and concrete practice was held between the School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) of Nankai University and Geophysical Exploration Research Institute (GERI) of the China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) at the COSL Industrial Park in Tianjin Binhai New Area.

Tongyou Wang, General Manager of Science and Information Department of COSL and Wei Fan, Vice General Manager of COSL were invited to attend the online meeting. 20 engineers including Huijie Zhai, Vice General Manager of Geophysical Exploration Division of COSL, Zhiguo Ma, Manager of Science and Technology Information Department, Zhiwei Dan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Associate President of GERI, Xuming Jiao, Vice President of GERI, Leiming Sun, Chief Engineer, Professor Huagui Duan, Vice Deputy Dean of SMS, Professor Chunlin Wu, Vice Deputy Dean of SMS, Professor Guanghui Hu, Director of Department of Science and Engineering, Professor Qingzhi Yang, former Director of Department of Science and Engineering Computing, including Associate Professor Jianzhao Gao, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Data Science, Professor Xuan Guang, teacher representative of the Department of Probability Statistics; Bing Wang, Deputy Director of the Office of Research Technology Development and Achievement Transformation; and also John Lee, Director of Scientific Research of SMS and 18 expert faculty members of SMS attended the meeting.

In his speech, Tongyou Wang expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to all the experts from Nankai University. He pointed out that with the support of Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, the SMS of Nankai University and GERI of COSL had been carrying out project docking, increasing the research of core technologies, promoting in-depth discipline construction and cooperation, enable technology to drive discipline construction and promote technological progress. Hopefully, the two sides would conduct in-depth exchanges, reach consensus and promote cooperation.

Huagui Duan introduced the basic situation of the SMS of Nankai University, and mentioned that the school would be able to carry out project docking with industry, looking forward to carrying out substantive project cooperation with GERI of COSL, and through cooperation to provide theoretical and technical training for the needs of COSL.  

Guanghui Hu, Jianzhao Gao and Xuan Guang introduced the faculty resources and research direction of each department. Guanghui Hu mainly presented the numerical methods for solving partial differential equations and the computational methods of inversion, and proposed to make full use of data and models to solve practical problems and build an international first-class research team. Associate Professor Jianzhao Gao introduced the research results related to protein structure, mathematical modeling and machine learning. Professor Xuan Guang presented the cutting-edge research results on data storage compression, data error correction, network coding, data communication, etc.

The engineer representatives of the Geophysical Exploration Division of COSL respectively described the basic situation and independent equipment development of the Geophysical Exploration Division, new technology and development direction of seismic data processing, new technology and development direction of seismic velocity modeling, and new technology and anti-war direction of seismic imaging, showing the current status of the project, demand, and the expected combination with the SMS, involving technical demands including numerical solution of partial differential equations ( finite difference, finite element theory, etc.) elastic wave dynamics, neural networks, image processing, image recognition, optimization, machine learning, and scientific issues such as data storage and compression transmission.

In the subsequent discussion, both parties were in-depth discussion on the current status of the research covered in the presentation and urgent problems to be solved. Huijie Zhai, Huagui Duan, and Bing Wang gave a summary of the meeting. Huijie Zhai expressed that geophysics related to deep space, deep sea and deep earth, among which deep earth research faced the greatest challenges and difficulties, and the basic discipline behind it was the study of mathematical science, hoping that the two parties could dovetail the project and solve the problems well, and arrange to deploy further thematic discussions.