The School of Mathematical Sciences launched an open-air movie viewing activity of "Meet under the stars and light up your heart’s life"

Release:2022-05-16 Viewed:10

   A few days ago, the School of Mathematical Sciences launched an open-air movie viewing activity of Meeting under the Starry Sky, Lighting Up Your Heart in the small courtyard of the school, aiming to enrich students' extra-curricular cultural activities and build a harmonious and safe campus. About 500 Nankai students registered and nearly 300 students joined the activity in three days.

  Before the start of the event, the school carefully selected 13 films including Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf's Basket of the Future, Beautiful Mind, and No Questions about the West and East for students to choose. From May 1 to 3, there were 3 movies played each night according to the network voting of the students. The movies were with different styles including a warm and touching, one, a  inspirational and youth one and an exciting one. In addition, the school distributed masks and other anti-epidemic supplies to the students present, encouraging students to face the epidemic with a healthy and positive attitude.

 There was a long aftertaste for the students after the movie screening. Wang Kai, a 2021 undergraduate of the 2021 mathematical Boling class, said, With a projector, a white wall, and a beam of light, watching a movie under the stars is an experience I've never had before. The atmosphere of immersive movie watching with others is very good, and I spent three wonderful and romantic nights with my friends, and I hope this kind of event can continue.

 This activity not only allowed the students to experience the unique charm of open-air movies, but also shortened the distance between them. Next, the school will continue to carry out more novel and lively campus activities in terms of the physical and mental health of students, and make all efforts to create a lively, healthy and positive high-level campus cultural atmosphere.