"Mathematical Culture Interesting Talk" Online Lecture Focuses on "Mathematical Modeling and National Revival"

Release:2022-05-16 Viewed:10

   On the afternoon of March 14, the School of Mathematical Sciences held an online lecture on Interesting Talks about Mathematical Culture. Professor Wang Xiaoyin, a national level excellent instructor in mathematical modeling and a famous teacher in ideological and political teaching of Tianjin universities and colleges, was invited to give a report on Mathematical Modeling and National Rejuvenation, which attracted widespread attention from mathematics enthusiasts inside and outside the school.

    In this lecture, Wang Xiaoyin explained the connotation of the mathematical model starting from two practical problems of fund management and competition arrangement. He explained the process from modeling to application, which has 3 steps: abstracting practical problems into mathematical problems, solving mathematical problems, and then using the mathematical conclusions to solve practical problems. Regarding the significance of mathematical modeling, Wang Xiaoyin said that mathematical modeling is a tool and an important means of scientific research.

    At the same time, the spirit of teamwork and the responsibility of young people is needed when doing the mathematical modeling. Wang Xiaoyin emphasized that in the process of China's increasingly approaching the center of the world stage, the need for innovative thinking is more urgent than ever. In the new era, the majority of students should strengthen the four self-confidence, hold high the sail of unity and struggle, endure hardships and cultivate talents in the arduous frontline,  all of which will contribute to the national scientific and technological innovation.

    It is reported that, in order to deeply study the important spirit of the 10th Party Congress of Nankai University, the mathematics discipline will launch a series of activities in 2022 Mathematics Culture Month and themed on promote development and hit it off on the occasion of the third International Mathematics Day. The series aims to guide students to inherit the glorious tradition of patriotic dedication and struggle of Nankai mathematicians and actively respond to the call of I am here for the development of Nankai and contribute to the developemnt of the school through various forms such as online visits of Ningyuan, series lectures on mathematics and culture, and brain games.