Suping Cui, a PhD of our school, won the "Jiaqing Zhong Mathematics Award"

Release:2021-12-25 Viewed:98

Recently, at the opening ceremony of the 2021 Academic Annual Meeting of the Chinese Mathematical Society in Kunming, Dr. Cui trained by the Center for Combinatorial Mathematics of Nankai University won one of the three highest mathematics awards in China, Jiaqing Zhong Mathematics Award. This award is to commend and reward the best PhD students in mathematics and to encourage more young scholars to devote themselves to the career of mathematics.


Dr. Cui studied at the Combinatorial Mathematics Center of Nankai University under the tutor of Professor Shanshan Gu. He is currently employed in the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Qinghai Normal University. Dr. Cui has made a series of important achievements in separating congruence and imitation theta functions. The main results have been published in the authoritative mathematics journals Advances in Mathematics, Advances in Applied Mathematics and so on. One of the papers on splitting congruence was rated as the most cited paper of the year by the journal Advances in Applied Mathematics and was rated as Highly Cited Paper on Web of Science. The method introduced in the paper became a powerful tool for split congruence. One project from the NSFC and one project from the China Association for Science and Technology are undertaken by Dr. Cui.