The president of Tianjin Nankai Alumni Association visited the School of Mathematical Sciences

Release:2021-11-05 Viewed:20

On November 4, president Zhan Xianhua and other 7 colleagues of Tianjin Nankai Alumni Association Nankai University were invited to visit the School of Mathematical Sciences. The symposium was attended by the main leading group members and chair professors of the School of Mathematical Sciences. The meeting was chaired by Lijing, the associate Dean of the College of Mathematics and science.


At the symposium, Su Jing, secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Mathematical Sciences, on behalf of the college, warmly welcomed the visit of the Tianjin Alumni Association and its delegation, and introduced the historical mission of the subject of mathematics, this paper analyzes the opportunities and challenges faced by the cultivation of talents, the construction of talents ranks and the construction of scientific research cross-platform.


Ding Longyun, dean of the College of Mathematics and science, introduced the history, current situation, teaching staff, research platform, student training, international exchange and employment.


President Zhan Xianhua introduced the purpose, organizational framework, development process and outstanding achievements of the Nankai University. He hoped to take this forum as an opportunity to build a platform between teachers and students, alumni and the community, tap subject resources and characteristics, through the school-enterprise cooperation, to contribute to the development of the Alma Mater in the new century.