“The most powerful brain × brainpower games”, one of the activities of the maths culture festival of the five universities in Tianjin, held in Nankai

Release:2021-11-04 Viewed:49

On October 28, the math culture festival of the five universities in Tianjin teamed up with Jiangsu TV’s “The strongest brain” program and they held the “The strongest brain x brainpower games”in Balitai campus of Nankai University. More than 100 students from different colleges actively participated in the activities, experienced brainstorming, and felt the beauty of maths.


Since the launch of the TV program “The most powerful brain”, Nankai maths students have gave wonderful performances. The 2014 undergraduate Luan Yu entered into the national top 12, while the 2015 undergraduate Li Xiang went into the national top 30. It is reported that the theme of the cultural festival this year is “A century is just young, a new journey to maths”, which aims at creating a mathematical culture feast for universities of Tianjin.


The mathematical culture feast for universities of Tianjin was founded in 2003 and held in turn by five schools of maths or sciences from five universities. The mathematical culture festival aims to strengthen the cultural exchange between teachers and students of the mathematical disciplines in Tianjin universities, realize the co-construction and sharing of learning and academic resources, stimulate the spirit of innovation, and promote the joint efforts of the maths disciplines from the five universities, all of which contributes to the development of the basic discipline, maths.