Academician Ge Molin presents the “ first class”

Release:2021-09-30 Viewed:45

On the morning of September 13th, Ge Molin, the theoretical physicist, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Chern Institute of Nankai University, has presented the “first class” to the 2021 freshmen of the science experimental class in Tian Jiabing Concert Hall. The topic is “strengthening the study of the basic courses of mathematics and sciences and striving for the innovation of science and technology of China”.


From the connotation and characteristics of physics and the relationship between mathematics and physics, Academician Ge Molin firstly reviewed the development of physics. Then he affectionately recalled the important contributions of his predecessors to mathematics and sciences of Nankai, such as Chen Xingshen, Yang Zhenning, Mu Guoguang and Hu guoding. In addition, He also recalled the good qualities of Wang Ganchang, Guo Yonghuai, Peng Huanwu and other scientists who have made great contributions to two bombs and one star . In class, he also talked about the important prospects of cutting-edge applications of the high-energy physics such as proton accelerator and free electron laser. At last, Academician Ge Molin put forward five suggestions on the study and life to the students: doing self-examinations after class experiments, learning to guess and ask questions, thinking through examples from time to time, digging deep in literatures, and paying attention to the interdisciplinary applications.