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 Major :Statistics

   Compulsory Course(59.5 Credits)Class HourCreditSemester
1Advanced algebra and analytic geometry2-11024.51
2Mathematical Analysis 3-11195.51
3Advanced algebra and analytic geometry2-21195.52
4Mathematical Analysis 3-21024.52
5Mathematical Analysis 3-311453
6Abstract Algebra5733
7Ordinary Differential Equations5733
8Probability Theory7644
9Functions of Real Variables 7644
4Sampling Techniques5435
13Mathematical Statistics7645
12Innovative research and training1815
53Statistical Computing542.56
16Thesis   68
   Elective Course(28.5 Credits)Class HourCreditSemester
1Java Language5028
2Complex Analysis 5733
3Operate System and Network562.56
4Algebra and Coding Theory7646
5Nonparametric Statistics5537
6Modern Cryptography5437
7Time Series Analysis6237
8Design of Experiment5437
9Data Structure743.56
10Equations of Mathematical Physics7645
11Stochastic Processes5437
12Statistical Decision Theory281.58
13Algebraic Topology763.55
14Differential Geometry7646
16Signal and System7646
17Information Theory5735
18Applied Regression Analysis643.56
19Topics of Applied Statistics452.58
20Representation Theory of Finite Groups5437
21Finite Element Method5437
23Optimization Method773.56
24Functionnal Analysis5735
25Principles of Database562.56
26Number theory 5738
28Elementary Risk Theory5738
29Foundations of Control Theory5737
30Mathematical Modeling3626
32Asymptotic Statistics 5738
33Image Processing and Analysis924.57
34Parallel Computing743.57
35Finite Difference Method5736
36Parallel Numerical Computation Method241.58
37Experiment on Scientific Computing6536
38Financial Credit Risk5736
39Numerical Analysis7645
41Selected topics of the frontiers ofFundamental Mathematics3226
42Multivariable Analysis2212
43Selected Topics in Statistical Cases3226
44Selected topics of the frontiers of Applied Mathematics3226
45Applied Probability Lectures3226
46Selected topics of the frontiers of Computational Mathematics241.56
47Mathematical Software321.54
48Data Mining5837
49Computational Geometry6036
50Statistical Packages361.56
51Differentiable Manifolds4837
52Fixed-income instrument and equity asset valuation3426
53Graph Theory482.55
55Operations Research5736
56Financial Engineering5436
57Actuarial Mathematics5736